Scissor Sharpening

Scissor Sharpening

Hairdressers and barbers are always looking for a reliable and professional sharpener to care for their tools.

Shark sharpening is highly qualified and recognised with qualifications specialising in Japanese and all types of shears/scissors.

We understand and take into great considerations that your scissors need to be sharp in order for you to perform the best cuts for your customers. We make it our priority to provide you with the best service possible including the flowing:

  • Shears / scissors are quickly and professionally serviced.
  • Micro-fine polishing removes a minimal amount of metal, increasing the life of your shears/ scissors
  • We inspect, disassemble and clean.
  • The inside ride is hand honed to like new condition.
  • We oil, set the tension and adjust the tip closure.
  • Bump stop replacement where applicable.
  • Insert replacement if needed.

Having super sharp scissors will allow you to work more efficiently, reduce the normal health wear and tears hairdressers often complain of when using scissors that are not sharpened. Sharpened scissors allow ease of use with minimal tension allowing your hands to be free to perform their craft.

our specialised machinery will measure the exact angle setting to ensure your scissors are sharpened to their full potential.

We sharpen all brands and types of hairdressing scissors

Frequently Asked Questions
My Scissors don’t work properly after being dropped can they be repaired?
In most cases we can restore your scissors back to as new condition.
How Frequently should I have my scissors sharpened?
Scissors should be sharpened on average between 4-6 months. However, several variables will affect this estimate. For example, cutting dry hair is much harder on scissors than wet hair, lower quality scissors are made from lower quality steel which do not hold an edge as long, etc. Frequent sharpening however will prolong the life of the scissors as less metal will need to be removed and the scissors will be easier to work with. In general, if you find your scissors pulling, or catching the hair, particularly at the tips, or if they have been dropped we recommend that you have them looked at by our professional sharpener.
How long will it take to sharpen my scissors?
Shark sharpening offers a mobile and replacement service for your convenience. We will come to your salon and completely sharpen your scissors/shears on the spot (conditions apply by appointment) Whiles we get your scissors/ shears to as new condition we will provide you a selection of top quality Japanese scissors to use for your convenience. An average sharpening service takes approximately 20-30 minutes.
Do you sharpen left handed scissors?
Yes ! Shark sharpening will sharpen and service all scissors including right & left handed , convex, Bevel & thinning scissors. We are experienced with all brands of scissors.

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Shark sharpening offers a variety of servicing options to suit busy people and a variety of lifestyles.

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