Sharpening for Groomers

Sharpening for Groomers

Having been a dog groomer for 8 years our sharpener Nir understands how important it is for animal groomers to have sharp clipper blades.

Our sharpening passion began right here when we realised that there was not always a reliable person who provided top quality sharpening service, that was both cost effective and time manageable. Whether your grooming business is big or small we treat each of our customers as individuals and endeavour to provide the best sharpening service available.

As part of our groomers service we also offer a sharpening service for your grooming scissors.

Having worked in the grooming industry for  8 years we know that a well sharpened blade ensures that you are smoothly clipping the animals hair with low risk of causing them damage, you are able to work in a more efficient time manner in turn causing animals minimal distress and agitation.

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the difference between Steel blades and Ceramic Blades?
Steel blades are both lower and upper steel and Ceramic is lower steel/Titanium and upper ceramic cutter.
Do you sharpen both steel and ceramic blades?
Yes Shark sharpening sharpens all types and brands of blades.

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Shark sharpening offers a variety of servicing options to suit busy people and a variety of lifestyles.

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