Commercial Knife Sharpening

Commercial Knife Sharpening

Our commercial knife sharpening service is offered to restaurants, hotels, cafes, caterers & commercial kitchens around the country.

We understand the importance and value of a chefs knives. By keeping the blade cool using specialised , professional fast regrinding and the latest German technology we ensure your knives are well kept. We use a 3 step system grinding, honing and polishing to enables us to reduce material removal for a long lasting cutting edge.

Chefs often complain of injuries and carpal tunnel as a result of having blunt knives.

Sharpening your knives on a regular basis will ensure they have longevity and a chef is able to perform atOur expertise allows us to offer mobile and postal domestic knife sharpening to all types of knives including the top European and Japanese brands. optimal speed. A knife that has been sharpened adequately will allow you to be safe and reduce risk of cutting yourself, meal prep more efficiently and reduce the risk of long term injury.

Frequently Asked Questions
What types of knives do we sharpen?
Our expertise allows us to sharpen all types of knives including the top European and Japanese brands around the world.
How often should I sharpen my knife when used in a commercial setting?
It is recommended that knives used in a commercial setting should be sharpened by a professional every 4-6 weeks.
Do you provide replacement knives whiles providing the service.
When we are providing a mobile onsite service at your place of business a set of high quality professional knives will be provided to you to ensure we don't interfere with the operation of your kitchen.
Do you sharpen serrated edged knives?
Yes! We sharpen all knives big or small. Straight or serrated.
How do I post my knives to you?
We want to ensure your knives are transported as safely as possible please click on the link and follow the step by step instructions.

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