commercial knife

Commercial Knife Sharpening

Shark Sharpening offers a commercial sharpening service offered to top chefs,restaurants and cafes around the country. Our commercial machinery enhances the performance of your knives ensuring the quality of your knives are kept at optimal level. We are well experienced with the best brands coming out of Europe and Japan.

domestic knife

Domestic Knife Sharpening

Even the home cook deserves a knife that is sharp and well functioning. Shark sharpening are proud to offer a domestic sharpening service for your kitchen knives and kitchen scissors. We service all domestic knives and a variety of brands


Scissor Sharpening Service

We believe you deserve the best and as a hairdresser you need the functioning tools to create your art. If you demand the highest quality in scissor sharpening we are here to satisfy and exceed those demands. Our specially trained scissor sharpener is trained in the USA, using the latest technology is able to offer you the best sharpening service around.

clipper blade

Clipper Blade Services

Shark sharpening offers a full clipper service for hairdressers to ensure their clippers operate smoothly . We offer a clipper blade sharpening and a full clipper service for smooth operation to pet groomers

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Shark sharpening offers a variety of servicing options to suit busy people and a variety of lifestyles.

Wusthof Commercial Knife Sales and Sharpening Melbourne - Shark Sharpening

Recently got my knives sharpened at shark sharpening. As a butcher of ten years I am very satisfied with his service and the quality of my knives that where returned to me in a timely manner.

Cody Smith - Butcher
Shark Sharpening